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From your heart to theirs!
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There is no soldier far away from family and friends that wouldnt want to recieve a care package from home. The innovative website "havilot" makes the process easy,quick and simple.

With just a click of a button you can send soldiers serving in all parts of israel a gift package expressing your gratitude for their dedication and commitment to the State of Israel.  
Havilot allows you to either choose from a series of preselected gift baskets featuring an assortment of delicacies or the option of filling the basket with specific items of your choice.
Either way you choose,you can be sure that your gift will bring a smile and delight to the soldiers! you can even personalize your gift by writing a note through our website.

Each year, thousands of young men and women leave the comfort of their homes, families and friends to join the IDF and protect the State of Israel in an act of unity and utter unselfishness. provides supporters of the IDF worldwide the opportunity to express their deepest appreciation through an immense act of kindness.

Now more than ever, these soldiers need your support and encouragement. Take a moment to express your personal thanks to the outstanding individuals of the IDF by sending a package through  Your package will be sent to the offices of the Aguda Lemaan Hayaal, the Foundation for Support of Soldiers and from there will be distributed to soldiers serving in various military bases.

After all, what better way to express true gratitude to a soldier than to send him a care package filled with the comforts of home! - – from your heart to theirs!